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    • Pneumatic Adult Tourniquet Cuff

      Pneumatic Adult Tourniquet Cuff

      Pneumatic Adult Tourniquet Cuff achieves the cuff pressure required for complete blood occlusion in the surgical limb;
      It provides lower pressure without affecting the bloodless area;
      Use electronic and microprocessor to regulate pressure;
      Simultaneous use of two dual port cuffs provides independent pressure and time adjustment;
      Provides and measures pressure using a dedicated port for fast and accurate pressure regulation.

    • Disposable Cuff

      Disposable Cuff

      The disposable cuff series uses high quality materials that eliminate the need for cleaning and the risk of cross-contamination.
      It comes in a variety of sizes and is easy to meet even the most demanding program requirements.

    • Automatic Electric Pneumatic Tourniquet

      Automatic Electric Pneumatic Tourniquet

      Features of automatic electric pneumatic tourniquet
      Fully automatic microcontroller system;
      Tourniquet is battery powered and therefore easy to carry;
      Built-in battery charging circuit for immediate charging;
      The cuff pressure remains at an automatic setting;

    • Bier Block Tourniquet Cuffs

      Bier Block Tourniquet Cuffs

      The bier block tourniquet cuffs tourniquet system is an innovative two-channel electronic tourniquet with state-of-the-art technology for an exceptional operating experience.
      Practitioners can perform the Biers Block regional anesthesia procedure using the unique safety features of this surgical tourniquet system to prevent the operator from accidentally reducing the cuff in the wrong order and possibly exposing the patient to a hazardous dose of anesthetic.