Application of tourniquet in sputum suction tube

- Nov 28, 2017-

In recent years, the use of tourniquet to protect the end of the suction tube of the glass rui (or plastic) joints, both convenient, beautiful, but also to protect the glass-rui joint is not easy to be broken, and to avoid the suction pipe connection between the long-term and suction pipes caused by the pollution. The clinical application of more than 500 patients with long-term sputum aspiration was satisfactory. are reported below.

1 methods

Take 10cm long tourniquet, reverse 3cm, from the reverse point 1.5cm with 15cm long rope tied, and then fixed it in the nearest to the suction of the bed column position or the appropriate solids, the suction-phlegm connected with the glass connector inserted in the tourniquet inside can be. Tourniquet replacement L to 2 times a week, after the use of discarded, can be directly in exchange for a new tourniquet, can also be used 0.05% of the effective chlorine disinfection solution after disinfection with water rinse dry standby.

2 advantages

(1) It is easy to draw and use. Tourniquet is a necessary infusion, readily advisable. Sputum suction When the operator just pull out the suction tube glass joints directly connected to the suction pipe can effectively prevent the suction pipe pollution, and save a lot of time. 

(2) Economical, beautiful, practical, convenient, not easy to be polluted, low cost.