Effect of two tourniquet on venous blood sampling in the elderly

- Nov 28, 2017-

                                   Most elderly patients, vascular sclerosis, reduced elasticity, not filling, brittle, easy to roll, puncture easy failure. The success of venous blood sampling is affected by the degree of vascular exposure in elderly patients, and good venous blood vessel filling is the key to success of Venipuncture. Double tourniquet ligation has the function of double blocking venous reflux, which can make local blood flow concentration, increase blood vessel filling degree, full lumen, obvious exposure and great venous pressure. The puncture speed is fast, the puncture rate is high blood. Avoid the blood vessel damage caused by repeated puncture, tissue damage and increased patient pain or local hematoma formation. And the elderly patients are mostly vascular sclerosis, hypertension, high blood lipid, and so on, by the city taking anticoagulant drugs, blood coagulation time is relatively prolonged; vascular fibrosis and elasticity decrease, vein texture hard and brittle, affect hemostasis, if wear failure local easily form hematoma and plaque phenomenon. The results showed that the puncture rate of the double ligation tourniquet was significantly higher than that of Tanza hemostasis band.