The skillful use of tourniquet in the external cannula of tracheotomy

- Nov 28, 2017-

Materials and methods

Take the inner diameter of 0.5cm, outside diameter 0.7cm of the newer tourniquet with L root, intercept the appropriate length (around the patient neck l weeks, tourniquet at both ends of the tube to open the outer casing fixed plate at both ends of the small hole of the LCM), and then the gauze band through the tourniquet, the knot in the outer casing fixed plate at both ends of the small hole, elastic to be able to insert a finger appropriate.


1. The surface of the tourniquet is smooth, even if it is stained with secretions, it is easy to clean with the ethanol cotton ball, which can effectively prevent bacteria from reproducing.

2. Because the tourniquet is a rubber product with good elasticity and smooth surface, it can effectively reduce the pressure and friction between the gauze belt and the neck, and enhance the awareness of the patient's comfort.

3. This method is easy to clean, easy to disinfect, and can effectively reduce the gauze belt and neck pressure and friction, so do not need to pad gauze, while the tourniquet can be soaked disinfection, repeated use, to some extent, reduce the patient's economic burden and hospital costs.

4. The use of this method does not need to pad the gauze, the fixed tracheotomy sleeve of the wonderful gauze belt replacement cycle has been greatly prolonged, so that nurses in the tracheotomy nursing workload has decreased, work efficiency has increased.