Tourniquet for fixed ECG monitoring wire

- Nov 28, 2017-

ECG monitoring device requires fixed-point placement, neat, keep clean without dust, take the square to make, use convenient, a good standby state. When used, nurses are required to be quick and accurate. But because of its various kinds of wire, the wire is too long, if the winding is not good in open use will occupy the rescue time, even caused the patient's family dissatisfaction, leading to medical disputes. Improper fixation can also lead to the breakage of the wire, which may affect its service life; If the rescue patients emergency when the conductor spread out may be blood, body fluids and the secretion of patients, vomit and other pollution. We use the order of the wire using the tourniquet to the layering of its layer, the effect is better, the introduction is as follows.

Method: Taking a 45cm of tourniquet with L root and fixing a slip knot on the monitor handle. First of all, the heart electric wire coil wound after the tourniquet on this one slip knot; then the blood pressure cuff is too long to wrap the wire around the 2nd floor, and then the blood oxygen saturation wire large circle wound after the 3rd layer; Finally, the power cord is wrapped around a slip knot and placed in a bag or plastic belt.

Advantages: ①It is easy to draw and easy to operate. ② storage neat, beautiful, not easy to damage the wire. ③ operators to carry out first aid in a methodical manner, to prevent the rapid teaching because of the wires intertwined influence operation, to avoid the resulting medical disputes. ④ It is advantageous to the practice nurses and the new staff to follow the step operation.