Use and precautions of disposable tourniquet

- Nov 28, 2017-

One-time banding tourniquet professional bleeding products, mainly suitable for medical institutions in the conventional treatment and the treatment of infusion, blood, blood transfusion, hemostasis, one-time use; or limb bleeding, wild snake bite bleeding when the emergency stop bleeding. It is a good product that is well received by medical staff.

Use of disposable banding tourniquet:

In general, there are two parts that need to be used for tourniquet, one is the forearm, that is, the position of the armpit, and one is the upper thigh, in the absence of professional tourniquet, the medical staff will use a width of at least 5 centimeters of cloth, if it is more narrow lines or ropes, it must be folded in the inside of the multi-layer fabric, To avoid damaging nerves or muscles.

In the use of tourniquet, we need to wrap the tourniquet around the limb three laps, tie into a half knot, and then put a short stick on the knot, and then tied into a double knot, must be tied tightly until the bleeding stopped.

Notes on disposable Tourniquet:

1. Tourniquet can only be tied to limbs, can not be used in the head, neck and torso department;

2. Do not cover the location of the tourniquet with other items;

3. The tourniquet can not be used for a long time to prevent limb necrosis.