Using the tourniquet to fix the gastric tube

- Nov 28, 2017-

Surgical and laryngeal surgery patients can not eat from the mouth for a long time, in order to ensure the nutritional supply, the stomach tube is very important. Clinical routine with nasal plaster to fix the stomach tube. But some patients allergic to adhesive tape, or some patients nasal sebaceous glands secretion exuberant, adhesive tape fixed, a little activity of the stomach tube easily prolapse. The method of using the tourniquet to fix the gastric tube is good in clinical application and is described as follows:

1. Materials and Production: (1) Materials: Intravenous infusion extension Tube 1 root, 2cm long tourniquet with 1 segments, gastric tube 1 root; (2) Production: The Tourniquet will be folded with scissors from the fold in each of the cut a 5mm gap, the intravenous infusion extension tube in half from the end of the tourniquet through the two sides, and then cut in the fold.

2. Use method: first for patients with gastric tube, and then use hemostatic forceps to open the notch of the tourniquet, set into the outer end of the stomach tube, sent to the nasal part of the patient, with the extension of both ends of the tube to be fixed in the back of the pillow.

3. Advantages: Easy to draw, simple to produce. Fixed good, not easy to fall off, the patient no discomfort feeling.