Application Of Tourniquet In Venous Puncture

- Nov 28, 2017-

Venous puncture is commonly used in clinical examination and treatment, tourniquet is a necessary tool to ensure the success of venipuncture. With the development of venous puncture technology, the type, method, quantity and use of tourniquet were also changed.

The method of tourniquet in venous puncture

In the introduction of venous puncture, the nursing textbook is scheduled to be "a tourniquet at 6cm at the puncture site". Nie Cinyun in the "intravenous infusion of the best position of tourniquet" in the article by clinical observation that the intravenous infusion

, for thin and elastic blood vessels, the tourniquet is tied at the distance of the puncture point 15cm, can improve the success rate of puncture. The distance does not affect the exposure of venous vessels. and rarely punctured blood vessels because of the loose tourniquet.

Best time to fasten tourniquet

40s-120s puncture is the best puncture time.

The best tightness of the tourniquet

Tourniquet should not be ligated too tight, to be able to reach two fingers appropriate.

The role of tourniquet in venous puncture has great flexibility and individuation, and it changes with the need of disease, examination and treatment, so it must be analyzed concretely in clinical nursing work, so as to improve quality of nursing technology and improve patients ' satisfaction.