Application Range Of Tourniquet

- Nov 28, 2017-

The tourniquet is used for trauma rescue and surgical four-gum surgery.

Bleeding outside. In recent years, people have used the principle of hemostasis tourniquet to apply it to limb malignant tumor surgery. The tumor biopsy and amputation can prevent cancer cells from spreading along the blood stream, the use of intermittent pressure of tourniquet can significantly reduce the swelling of the bureau Lang in patients with fracture or mild soft sister knitting and ligament injury, and it is helpful for the recovery of ankle joint injury. Patients with intravenous chemotherapeutic agents, Take the tourniquet from the back of his pillow and make a fortune along both sides to the forehead. A tourniquet can prevent the loss of hair caused by chemotherapeutic drugs; The use of tourniquet in thyroid surgery. Can make the slice bleed to be effective control, the section is completely in the blood-free State, the operation is clear, the gland excision two accurate, generally do not use clamp, ligation hemostatic.