Emergency Treatment Of Tourniquet

- Nov 28, 2017-

Select the location of the tourniquet, should be in the place to pad the cloth, the tourniquet to tighten, winding limb two weeks knot, tightness to be appropriate to observe the wound does not bleed for degrees. On the tourniquet to remember the time, winter every half an hour, summer every 1 hours to relax for half a minute, and then tied up. When the place is tied up, move it slightly. For bleeding patients, should be in the upper tourniquet at the same time, as soon as possible to hospital treatment.

Use sterile water (boiled water) to clean the wound and gently locate the deep artery with clean fingers and use the sterile line to carefully hold the artery. It was the first time that open wounds were touched.

If the arteries are broken completely, the end may shrink and the search can be difficult. When you are sure the arteries are in a small tissue, you can sew the whole tissue together with a large needle.

Check the success of the operation at the same time, as soon as possible to release the tourniquet, to find out the artery leading to bleeding, whether it is just a bandage completed the blood vessel. If it is found to be bleeding, immediately reseat the tourniquet and continue looking for ruptured blood vessels. There are other small vessels in the tissue that provide the blood necessary to maintain physiological metabolism and maintain circulation.

Don't leave the tourniquet in place.