Precautions For Use Of Tourniquet

- Nov 28, 2017-

1. Tourniquet can block the flow of blood, the time of banding can seriously damage tissue-and even lead to limb necrosis.

2. Tourniquet can only be used for strapping limbs, never to tie head, neck or body cadres.

3. Do not cover with other items, do not cover the tourniquet that is strapped to your limbs. If you have to leave the patient alone in the camp, in his head, with a signature pen or lipstick, write the strapping time and the location of the Toolbox.

4. Check the circulation of the blood. After the bandage has been bandaged, you should always check your toes or fingers to see if there are any purple spots on the end of it and whether there is any drop in the temperature of the place. If there is such a phenomenon, should loosen the cloth belt, otherwise a long time, will cause tissue necrosis.

5. For the same reason, it is not possible to use tourniquet banding for long periods of time, unless it is forced to do so at the time of an arterial ligation. In general, it is necessary to try the direct pressure method first, then use the pressure point method until the wound is used to maintain direct pressure on the method. If the wound is at the end of the limb, it can elevate the wound.