Study On New Tourniquet

- Nov 28, 2017-

1. Inflatable pressure Tourniquet

This kind of tourniquet increases the bandwidth compared with the traditional rubber hose tourniquet. and a pressure monitor. Tourniquet pressure size can be adjusted to overcome the rubber hose tourniquet pressure is not easy to grasp, the application of easy to lead to subcutaneous congestion, swelling, nerve paralysis and other characteristics. At present in abroad has been widely used, some of the larger hospitals have been widely used.

2. Cassette Tourniquet

The tourniquet has a fast automatic locking and release device, and can increase the bandwidth appropriately, which can not only quickly stop bleeding, but also reduce the damage to the distal limb. When using one hand, the patient can operate, especially for the rescue of the wounded in wartime.

3. Automatic Tourniquet

With the development of juice machine technology, some automatic tourniquet with computer technology is applied in clinic. The characteristics of these tourniquet are quick-inflating, pressure stability, digital display and timing alarm, etc., mainly used in the operation of limb hemostasis and trauma first aid.