Technical Field And Product Classification Of Tourniquet

- Nov 28, 2017-

Technical field

The utility model relates to a disposable tourniquet used in the treatment of transfusion, transfusion, blood extraction and hemostasis. The characteristic of the continuous-type disposable tourniquet is that low cost, small economic burden of patients, easy to use, can reduce the labor intensity of medical care, improve work efficiency, avoid the infection of bacteria in the treatment process of cross-infection, the implementation of the one-time tourniquet, to protect the health of doctors and patients, but also added an ideal preventive measures.

Product Classification

At present, the one-time tourniquet is generally made of natural like gum, which is broadly flat type. In order to the unit, the majority of independent packaging, nursing staff use extremely inconvenient, before each use should be dismantled packaging, high-frequency use of the work results greatly reduced, not willing to use. The latest lock-and-pull-type one-time tourniquet, is a plurality of tourniquet into a box, each tourniquet through the connection between the chain, you can achieve the purpose of continuous extraction.