Emergency Tourniquet

Emergency Tourniquet

Tai feng is a company specializing in tourniquets. It uses safe materials to protect customers' safety and health.
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1.Product specification

Item No.



34" x 4"   (86X 10.5 CM)


1.Fan conical contoured shape Long Leg Adult limb Disposable 34"1. Contoured Pneumatic Cuffs, disposable,90-degree port to keep hose clear from the surgical site 
2.Contour cuffs enhance comfort in patients with tapered limbs and reduce the risk of mechanical shearing  
3. single/dual bladder options 
4. Latex-free and durable, manufactured to withstand any procedural demand. 
5.  Disposable,no cleaning,no cross contamination risk. 
a tourniquet cuff is to safely stop or restrict arterial blood flow into a portion of an extremity by applying a uniform circumferential pressure around the extremity at a desired location.




Nylon,TPU /silicone tubing , quick released connector or lure lock


Sterile bag for each piece, 15pcs/ 20 pcs per box, 4boxes per carton




Class I sterile CE,ISO 13485





1. Tourniquets will block the flow of blood. Bundling for too long can severely damage the tissues — even leading to limb necrosis.

2. The tourniquet should only be used to bind limbs. Never strap the head, neck or trunk.

3, do not cover with other items, do not cover the tourniquet strapped to the limb. If you have to leave the patient alone in the camp, use a pen or lipstick on his head to write the time for banding and the location of the toolbox.

4, check the blood circulation. After bandage dressing is complete, check the toes or fingers frequently to see if there is a purple spot on the end of the bandage and if there is a drop in body temperature there. If there is such a phenomenon, the tape should be loosened, otherwise it will cause tissue necrosis over time.

5. For the same reason, it is impossible to use a tourniquet to bind the limbs for a long time, unless it is necessary to perform arterial ligation. When hemostasis is generally performed, it is best to try a direct pressure method first, and then use a pressure site method until the method of maintaining direct pressure on the wound is used. If the wound is at the end of the limb, the wound can be raised.

3.Product details


Tourniquet product detail drawing