Tourniquet Cuff

Details of tourniquet cuff
1. Latex free ,Maximum pressure : ≥120kpa;
2. Single hose and dual hose options ,single bladder;
3. Texture surface, with stockinette;
4. Quick release connector ,lure lock;
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Product Details

Details of tourniquet cuff

1. Latex free ,Maximum pressure : ≥120kpa;
2. Single hose and dual hose options ,single bladder; 
3. Texture surface, with stockinette; 
4. Quick release connector ,lure lock;
5. Bladder size :59.7×9.3cm;
6. Tube gaze:12×20cm; 
7. OEM/ODM; 
8. Can be disposable or reusable;   
9. All kinds of colors are available; 
10. Available size range :8 to 42 inch.


Item No.



24" x 4"   (60X 10CM)




Front and back Nylon, cotton stockinette


In order to prevent damage caused by improper use of the pneumatic tourniquet with tourniquet cuff, please pay attention to:

1. Check the air bag before use and show that the watch is in good condition.

2. The use part should be correct. Before the blood band is placed on the skin surface, a thin cotton pad is placed on the skin surface, and the width exceeds 1~2 cm on both sides of the tourniquet. After the tourniquet is tied, the outer layer is fixed with a bandage.

3. Pressure range: 200mmHg for upper limbs and 400mmHg for lower limbs.

4. Record the time after inflation, the time limit is 1 hour, and the interval can be repeated after 5~10 minutes. The pressure index should be checked every 15~30 minutes and the operator should be reminded in time.


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