Tourniquet Sets

Details of tourniquet sets
1. Pneumatic Cuffs, Reusable/disposable all available;
2. Single hose / dual hose ,single bladder;
3. Color coding, for easy size identification;
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Product Details

Details of tourniquet sets

1. Pneumatic Cuffs,  Reusable/disposable all available; 
2. Single hose / dual hose ,single bladder; 
3. Color coding, for easy size identification;
4. Protection sleeves , high quality material; 
5. Please do not use if the package is damaged; 
6. Welcome customized;
Surgery of appropriate duration on the hands, wrist, fingers, and forearm, manipulation of forearm, wrist, and finger fractures, surgery on the foot and ankle, manipulation of fractures of the foot.


Item No.



12" x 3"   (30 X 7.6 CM)


Wine red


Nylon,TPU /silicone tubing , quick released connector or lure lock


Air pressure tourniquet sets of appropriate size should be selected.

Do not allow disinfectant such as iodine or alcohol to accumulate under the tourniquet to avoid skin irritation or burns.

Tourniquet sets should not be used in patients with lower extremity arteriosclerosis, thrombotic vasculitis, suppurative infection, necrosis, etc.


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