CE/ISO13485 Approved Reusable Medical Tourniquet For Adult / Children

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CE/ISO13485 Approved Reusable Medical Tourniquet for Adult / Children


Hemorrhaging is the leading cause of preventable death in tactical and non-tactical trauma situations. 

Research has shown the Fast Application of a Tourniquet to be 100% effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow in shortest application time saving life and limb.



1)No cross contamination risk 

2)Durable ,High quality material 

3)Single and dual hose  option

4)Single and dual bladder  option

5)Disposable and  reusable option

Material Nylon TPU
Sizesize can be costomized
Colorcan be customized
Bladder/hosesingle or dual
Certificate ISO13485/CE


Regular product size

sizeLength * widthapplication
8"210mm * 65mmInfant upper limb
12"360mm * 80mmUpper limb of children
18"460mm * 105mmLower limb of children /standard adult upper limb
24"610mm * 105mmStandard adult lower limb
30"760mm * 105mmFat person upper limb/thin person lower limb
34"850mm * 105mmLong adult lower limb 
42"1100mm * 105mmExtra long adult lower limb


Use Instructions:

1. The location of the tourniquet should be located at the root of the limb.

2. Tighten the tourniquet, do not be too tight, do not receive completely no bleeding. When the bleeding

is reduced by the bleeding to control the bleeding, the need to assist other methods

to stop bleeding. Muscle necrosis, severe need for amputation.

3. Emergency stop bleeding, the need to sign in time to record the current time.

4. Tourniquet need to be released every 30 minutes 10 minutes, otherwise it is also likely to cause nerve,

muscle necrosis. When the same time more than a number of tourniquets, do not loose together, need to separate.

5. The use of tourniquet personnel, to go through formal training.

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