Tourniquet Band For Blood Draw

Tourniquet Band For Blood Draw

Chinese medical tourniquet manufacturer, providing various sizes of tourniquets, IOS13485, CE certification.
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Product Details

Tourniquet band for blood draw

In emergency settings, a tourniquet is used to stop traumatic bleeding such that medical care can be provided in time before the injured person bleeds out.

 In rehabilitation settings, a tourniquet is used to restrict arterial blood flow at a consistent and safe pressure for short periods of time during low intensity exercise to more rapidly increase muscle size and strength.


Product features

Brand nameTyphung
Can be customized
bladder and hose
one bladder,one  hose 
MaterialNylon TPU
Place of originChina,zhejiang

Emergency Hemostasis: Tourniquets are suitable for first aid, emergency, trauma, medic, emergency response, hospital, wound and other situations.

Easy To Carry: Compact design to home emergency kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt or take along for immediate use.

Reusable Use: Easy to clean and reusable, applicable to all kinds of weather conditions.


Passed the Class I sterile CE and ISO 13485 authentication.



Q1:Why do the goods have different color code? 
Different color is for easy size identification, 8” is light blue,12” modena,18” red, 24” yellow,30” white, 34” blue, 42” green. Welcome customized color code.Manufacturers color-code their cuffs to assist the user in selecting the most appropriate cuff for the patient. The perioperative staff should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the correct cuff size.

Q2:What about the payment? 

We accept T/T, and L/C for the large quantities order, and Western union and Paypal will be accept for the small quantities order.

Q3:Can you put our logo on products ?

Absolutely yes with detiled information such as logo.we will show you pictures of your logo on the product before producing.

Q4:Do you accept OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service? 

Yes we accept any OEM service since we are a professional manufacturer for medical equipment with abult more than 10 tears of OEM experiences.

Any  questions welcome to send enquiry!